How to Clean a Fuel Filter

by Cassandra Tribe
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Your fuel filter is designed to prevent impurities in the gas, or from an older gas tank, from reaching your engine. The smallest impurity can clog a fuel injection line or carburetor, and learning how to clean a fuel filter will keep your car functioning at its best. While this is a very simple job to do, you must exercise extreme caution because of the gas that is in the lines to the filter.

Step 1

Starting at the fuel line as it comes into your fuel injector or carburetor, trace the fuel line back to find the fuel filter. It will be a small metal or plastic canister placed into the line.

Step 2

Screw the hose clamps onto the fuel line 4 inches away from the filter on both the entrance and exit hose. Tighten the hose clamps with a flat-head screwdriver as far as you can go; close the hose with the clamps to prevent gasoline from spraying.

Step 3

Place a jar under the fuel filter and unscrew the hose clamps that attach the hose to the filter. As you loosen the clamps, pull the hose off the filter and let any excess gas dump into the jar. When the filter is free of the hoses, empty any gas inside the filter into the jar as well.

Step 4

Hold the filter so one of the ends is pointed into the jar. Attach the small red straw that comes with your can of B-12 Chem Tool to the spray nozzle, insert the other end of the straw into the fuel filter, and spray. Let the spray and whatever comes out fall into the jar. Repeat this from both ends.

Step 5

Gently tap the fuel filter against a hard surface, or turn the screwdriver around and tap the filter with the handle of the screwdriver. Tap all around the surface.

Step 6

Blast the filter again with the B-12 Chem Tool Spray. Set the filter aside and allow it to dry for an hour. You can now re-attach your fuel filter to the fuel lines; make sure that the flow arrow on your filter is pointed towards the engine when you do so.

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