How to Clean a Banks Turbo Air Filter

by Francis Walsh
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Banks Ram Air

Gale Banks manufactures diesel performance parts for the public. Working with performance diesel engines for more than 30 years, the designers at Banks have produced the highest-quality accessories and add-ons for the diesel engine owner who wants to upgrade to a better performing package. The Banks Turbo Air Filter is a reusable diesel filters and can be inserted into a stock engine air box for better performance and gas mileage. Made to last the life of the vehicle, it is a simple task to remove, clean, recharge and reinstall a Banks Turbo Air Filter whenever it becomes clogged with dirt and debris from use.

Step 1

Raise the hood of the truck to expose the engine compartment and air intake. Remove the Banks Turbo Air Filter from within the air box or from the end of an improved air intake. Flat or cone-shaped reusable filters from Banks may be in use and need to be removed before cleaning. Loosen the retaining clamps or collars and take the dirty air filter to an empty plastic tub for cleaning.

Step 2

Holding the filter in a vertical position, begin to spray a degreasing agent into the filter material starting at the top of the filter. Move side to side and down to the bottom as you go. This movement will help push the dirt and material from within the filtration material, out the other side and into the tub, or drain down through the filter and out the bottom. Use enough of the degreaser to remove at least 95 percent of the dirt from the filter. The filter material will return to its original color after the dirt is gone and can be used as a guide to determine how much of the filth is removed.

Step 3

Run a hose with cold water through the filter in the same way. The goal is to wash away all the built-up material that the filter has trapped during use. These reusable filters trap the debris within the wire mesh and cottonlike material used as the filter. Impregnated with oil, the Banks Turbo Air Filter is able to allow more air to pass through it while catching more particles than original paper filters that are disposable. The added performance and savings well warrants this cleaning process for the improved power and savings.

Step 4

Tap the filter to remove all excess water, degreaser and dirt from the newly cleaned Banks Turbo Filter. Set in a dry, warm place until the fibers have become dry. Once dry, the filter should be checked for damage or packed filter element that may need to be removed. No pressure should be applied during the wash procedures to avoid packing the material in bunches, but if that occurs, knock the filter so that the material is evenly dispersed prior to recharging with filter oil.

Step 5

Soak the filter material with filter oil after the filter is clean and dry. Use the hand-squirt dispenser or aerosol spray to get the filter oil inside the filtering material. Use enough oil to completely soak the inside of the filter but not too much so that it drains from the filter. Spray or inject small amounts from top to bottom, building up to the point of saturation right before the filter leaks oil. Tap the filter again to remove any excess and install back into the factory air box or on the end of a performance intake tube from Banks diesel performance company.

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