How to Clean a Spectre Air Filter

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Spectre manufactures performance parts for your vehicle. Spectre air filters are similar to K&N air filters. They do not need to replaced; they can be cleaned, re-oiled then re-used. Spectre recommends properly cleaning your filter once every 7,000 miles for best results, but the specific interval depends on the type of climate in which you you live. Under no circumstances should you go more than 25,000 miles without cleaning your filter, according to Spectre.

Step 1

Make sure you do not need your vehicle for at least several hours. Cleaning, drying and re-oiling the filter may take three to five hours. Do not drive your vehicle without its filter in place.

Step 2

Remove the Spectre air filter from your air box. This process varies between vehicles, but most air box's have external clamps at each corner. If this is the case, lift the clamps to access the filter. Other vehicles use screws or bolts. Remove the screws or bolts with the appropriate tool to access the filter.

Step 3

Hold the filter with the dirty side facing you. Insert the filter into a trash can and tap it against the inside edge to shake out the large particles of dust and dirt. Don't do this inside; the dust is likely to flow into the air. Wear a dust mask if you are sensitive.

Step 4

Apply the Spectre cleaning solvent to the filter liberally. Let the solvent soak for 10 to 15 minutes. This helps to break up the smaller particles.

Step 5

Run warm water over the filter to rinse out the solvent, as well as the dirt and dust. Continue the process until the water runs clear. This means the filter is clean.

Step 6

Air dry the filter. Allow the filter to sit outdoors, preferably in sunlight, until it is dry. This should take several hours, but may take longer. Check the filter periodically to see if it's dry.

Step 7

Spray the proper amount of Spectre filter oil onto the filter. The exact amount depends on the filter model number. Refer to your maintenance guide and instruction booklet, if you still have it. Otherwise, locate the part number on the side of the filter and look up the proper amount of oil. It's very important not to over-oil the filter, according to Spectre. Re-insert the filter when you are finished.

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