How to Drain a Ford Taurus Gas Tank

by Elizabeth Arnold
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Ford Taurus gas tanks are not made like most fuel tanks. Some fuel tanks will have a nut that can be unscrewed to drain the fuel out; the Ford Taurus is different. Using a siphon kit is the best way to drain the fuel from the tank. If the tank needs to be completely drained for welding purposes, you will need to remove the tank to drain the gas and to vent the tank from highly explosive fumes.

Step 1

Park the vehicle in a well-ventilated area and turn the engine off. Make sure there are no sparks or open flames present in the work area.

Step 2

Place a container that is rated for fuel close enough to the vehicle so that the siphon hose can easily be inserted from the car to the container.

Step 3

Place the siphon attachment into the vehicle, and the other end of the hose into a container, per the siphon kit directions. Siphon the fuel into the container.

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