How to Locate the Fuel Filter on a Dodge Stratus

by Jody L. Campbell

The Dodge Stratus does not offer an easily accessible in-line fuel filter. Finding it is hard enough and replacing it can be downright challenging if you're on the ground underneath it. The best scenario is to have the vehicle on a car lift, but since this is not always a viable option, here's how to locate the fuel filter on your Dodge Stratus.

How to Locate the Fuel Filter on a Dodge Stratus

Step 1

Park the Stratus on a level paved or concrete surface.

Step 2

Place a wheel chock under one of the front tires.

Step 3

Lift one rear quarter panel of the Stratus using the floor jack and place a jack stand below the rear frame rail to support the car. Repeat this procedure for the other side to elevate the rear axle of the car.

Step 4

Put your safety glasses on.

Step 5

Locate the fuel filler door on the Stratus. Crawling underneath the rear axle (on a creeper if you have one), follow the fuel filler neck to the gas tank.

Step 6

Locate the fuel filter line and the fuel vapor line above the fuel tank on the fuel filler neck side of the tank. Located on a bracket mounted to the undercarriage of the Stratus is the fuel filter.

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