DIY Jack Placement on a Honda Element

by Larry Darter
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Proper jack placement is essential if you want to avoid expensive damage when lifting the Honda Element for tire replacement or maintenance. A number of designed jacking points have been provided by the manufacturer, and selection of the points used depends on the purpose for which the vehicle is being lifted.

Changing a Flat Tire

When changing a flat tire, the original jack supplied with the Element should be placed beneath the jacking point nearest the tire to be changed. Jacking points are provided fore and aft on both sides of the vehicle subframe for this purpose. One is located near the front wheel, and one is located near the rear wheel on each side of the car. Arrows molded into the underside of the body point to the jacking points to make it easy to identify them. Jacking points are also illustrated in the owner’s manual.

Lifting the Entire Car

When the objective is to lift either end or the entire car for the purpose of tire rotation, maintenance or installation of accessories, it is necessary to locate and use the front or rear jacking points incorporated into the Element design. One jacking point is located at the front of the vehicle in the center of the subframe, and one is located at the rear of the vehicle in the center of the subframe. The front jacking point is identified by a molded arrow pointing toward it, just as the side jacking points are. The rear jacking point is integral with a large tow hook welded to the subframe that helps you identify it. These center jacking points are not illustrated in the owner’s manual but are illustrated in the associated Honda repair manuals. The original jack should not be used at these points; instead you should use a properly designed and rated floor jack.

Using Jack Stands

When jack stands are to be used, once either end of the car has been lifted using the center jacking points, jack stands can then be placed beneath the side jacking points identified by the molded arrows.

Safety Considerations

Before lifting the vehicle with a jack, set the parking brake and place the automatic transmission gear selector in park. For standard transmissions, place the gear selector in reverse. The vehicle should be on a level surface. Any tires remaining in contact with the ground should be blocked or choked to prevent the vehicle from rolling off the jack. Jack stands should be used if working beneath the car.

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