How to Jack Up a Honda Pilot

by Shayrgo Barazi
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Jacking up your Honda Pilot may be necessary for changing the oil, replacing a tire or doing any kind of repair that requires the wheels to come off or to open up room under the vehicle. Lifting your Honda Pilot is the most fundamental aspect of repairing the SUV, but it can also be the most dangerous if you don't follow guidelines and take precautions. It is not uncommon for people to get injured or die from raising their vehicle improperly.

Step 1

Engage the emergency brake so that the Honda Pilot doesn't roll back if you are jacking up the front.

Step 2

Place the jack under the front subframe and begin jacking. The subframe is similar to the frame but mainly supports the engine and suspension components. You can distinguish the subframe from other vehicle components because the subframe is about 2 inches thick and has a squarish shape to it.

Step 3

Jack the Honda high enough so that you have access to what you need.

Step 4

Place jack stands at the right and left pinch welds below the front doors. Honda calls for jack stands to be placed toward the front of the vehicle, and there will be arrows pointing toward locations to place the jack stands.

Step 5

Lower the Pilot onto the jack stands, and remove the jack.

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