How to Use a Floor Jack on a Hyundai Elantra

by Jack Hathcoat
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The Hyundai Elantra is a unibody car. This means there is no steel frame, rather a cohesive structure of welded steel panels that have been cut and folded into shapes, then welded together to create a lightweight, but very strong, structure. Using a hydraulic floor jack to lift up the Elantra for service is fine as long as it is performed properly. It's disastrous if done improperly. Hyundai has specific guidelines that must be followed.

Step 1

Jack up the front of the car with the floor jack. Jack one side at a time, locating the jack under the lower control arm where the bushing attaches to the body. This area is strongly reinforced and cushioned by the rubber bushing. Locating the jack in this area will not damage the unibody. Place a jack stand under the reinforced area directly behind the right front tire and lower the car onto the stand. Repeat this process for the opposite side.

Step 2

Jack the rear of the car up by placing the floor jack under the rear axle near one of the outer wheels. The rear of the car is light and as one side is being lifted the opposite side will lift up as well. Place the jack stand directly in front of the rear tire under the reinforced area.

Step 3

Jack the car up at the other rear tire. It will have lowered back to the ground when the floor jack was released and the car was lowered onto the rear jack stand. Place the jack stand in front of the rear tire and lower the car.

Step 4

Remove the jack stands in the order in which they were installed. Jack up the front, one side at a time, and remove the stands. Jack up the rear and remove each stand, one at a time.

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