How to Remove a Transmission From a 1991 Z28 Camaro

by Allen Moore
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The 1991 Z28 Camaro is often considered the pinnacle of the third-generation Camaros. Chevrolet's pony car changed body styles in 1993, and the 1992 model didn't offer many improvements over the 1991 edition. The 1991 offered new body enhancements over the previous model years. Most '91s were equipped with a 700r4 transmission, the computer-controlled successor to General Motors' TH350 automatic. Replacing the transmission on these third-generation Camaros is much easier than performing the same job on later versions.

Step 1

Set the parking brake on the Camaro, and then disconnect the battery's negative cable using a battery terminal wrench.

Step 2

Raise the front end up using the floor jack and support the car on jack stands, placing one underneath the frame on either side. Do not place the jack stands so far back that they interfere with the removal of the transmission. Lift the car high enough in the air to allow the transmission to clear the underside while the car rests on the floor jack.

Step 3

Jack the rear end up and place the remaining two floor jacks under the rear axle, out near the leaf springs. Lower the rear end onto the jack stands.

Step 4

Use a socket set to unbolt the drive shaft. Wrap the U joints with electrical tape as soon as they clear the yoke so they don't come out of the drive shaft.

Step 5

Slide the floor jack under the transmission, and raise the jack head up until it's resting against the underside of the transmission.

Step 6

Use the socket set to unbolt the transmission mount. Pull the mount out by hand and set it aside.

Step 7

Disconnect the wiring harness from the side of the transmission. You may need a pocket screwdriver to unclip the harness connectors.

Step 8

Remove the bolt holding the transmission dipstick in place, using the socket set, and then remove the dipstick.

Step 9

Unbolt the transmission from the engine, beginning at the bottom of the bell housing and working your way upward. Use the 36-inch socket extension and universal socket extension to reach the bolts at the top of the bell housing.

Step 10

Pry the transmission away from the engine carefully, using the pry bar. Have an assistant guide the transmission back from the other side and help steady it over the jack once it comes off the engine.

Step 11

Lower the transmission on the floor jack until the jack is as low as it will go; then roll it out from under the Camaro. This will take two people in order to prevent the transmission from falling off the jack.

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