How to Remove a Transmission Out of a 2006 Hummer

by Joshua Danson

The Hummer is manufactured by General Motors. There are 3 types, the H1, H2, and H3 Hummer. Sometimes, the transmission may need removing for either repair or replacement. Mechanics typically charge thousands of dollars to do transmission work. Removing the transmission on the Hummer, repairing the problem and then installing the transmission back will add up to a huge bill. Save hundreds by performing the labor yourself and remove your own Hummer's transmission.

Step 1

Lift the front and rear of the Hummer by placing on jack stands. Make sure the stands are firm standing on a flat surface. Use concrete blocks to level out the ground if needed.

Step 2

Remove the shift linkage from the transmission of the Hummer. Remove the vacuum hoses on the transmission. Slide the U-joint from the rear of the Hummer, sliding it out of the transmission as proceeding to remove it.

Step 3

Put the transmission jack directly in the center, under the transmission. Lift up on the transmission about 2 inches. Let pressure off the transmission, and it will rise another inch.

Step 4

Detach the lower bell housing using the socket set. Remove all torque converter bolts and bell housing bolts. Lay aside all bolts for use later on.

Step 5

Remove the rear transmission mount bolts. Raise the transmission and jack up ½ an inch to remove the cross member. Pull down and lower the transmission slowly. Roll toward the back of the Hummer. Slide the transmission out from under the Hummer.

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