How to Remove the Transmission From a Wrangler

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Jeep Wranglers were first introduced as four-wheel drive sport utility vehicles in 1987. Although they are available with automatic transmissions, many of the 2000 year models featured a manual transmission. Sometimes when the transmission breaks it will need to be entirely removed from the vehicle to be properly repaired. You can do the job on your own, but it will take at least a few hours. You need some basic automotive tools and a transmission jack.

Step 1

Jack up the Jeep and secure it on four jack stands so you have room to get beneath the SUV. Remove the exhaust and the skid plate from the underneath it with the socket wrench set.

Step 2

Use an open-ended wrench to disengage the rear driveline from the transmission. Repeat this process with the front driveline. Detach all wiring from the transmission. Remove the transfer case and linkage from the back of the transmission using the socket wrench by unbolting it and pulling it off the transmission.

Step 3

Position the transmission jack beneath the transmission and jack it up until it touches the bottom of the transmission pan. Loop the chains on the jack around the transmission. Bolt the opposite end of the chain to the jack with the open-end wrench. Confirm that the transmission is secure.

Step 4

Use the socket wrench to remove the transmission crossmember and rear transmission mount from the frame. Pull the crossmember away from the frame so that you can remove the transmission from beneath the vehicle without obstruction.

Step 5

Use the socket and ratchet to unbolt the transmission from the engine. Unfasten the clutch brace rod before lowering the transmission away from the motor with the jack.

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