Blazer Transmission Removal

by Dan Ferrell
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Major service of your Chevrolet Blazer transmission requires careful planning and organization. Make sure you have an adequate place to work safely and with plenty of time. Besides having the right tools for the job, have a transmission jack on hand, especially if you are the only person undertaking this project. A vehicle transmission is heavy and awkward to handle without the proper equipment.

Removing Accessories

After raising your Blazer and draining the transmission fluid, carefully detach the drive shaft from the transmission. If you have a four-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive model, remove the drive shaft from the transfer case as well. When you gain access to the transmission, detach the shift cable at the control lever and bracket, converter pan cover (if equipped), fuel lines, vent hose bracket and oil filler tube.

Remove the mounting hardware that holds the transmission to the vehicle frame and engine. To do this, unfasten the nut and washer from the transmission-to-crossmember mount and second mount. Now disconnect the front exhaust pipe from the exhaust manifold and the three bolts that secure the torque converter to the flywheel.

Remove the transmission-to-engine bolts, and disconnect the transmission cooler lines from the transmission. Plug or cover the lines and ports at the transmission to prevent system contamination.

When ready, unplug all the electrical connectors from sensors around the transmission and check for other components, brackets or parts that might interfere with removal of the transmission. Secure the engine and transmission for the final part of the process.

Removing the Transmission

Support the rear of the engine with a jack stand and the transmission with the transmission jack. Double-check that there are no more wires, lines or cables connected between the transmission and other components.

Carefully raise the transmission just enough to take the weight off the engine and the rear mount. Readjust the jack stand to the rear of the engine if necessary. Then remove the rear mount, and start pulling the transmission off the engine block. Check that the transmission has cleared the engine block completely. The rear of the engine comes equipped with locator dowel pins to make sure the transmission engages the engine correctly.

If necessary, secure the torque converter to the rear of the transmission with a holding strap (see Resources for more information). Lower the transmission and remove it from the Blazer.

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