How Do I Change the Transmission Filter on a Hyundai Accent?

by Dan Ferrell

Just like engine oil and filter, the transmission oil and filter in the Hyundai Accent requires a change at the car manufacturer suggested intervals. Changing the oil gets rid of very small particles that accumulate over time, clog the filter and cause transmission parts to prematurely wear. Moreover, you can accomplish this maintenance task at home with few common tools.

Remove the Transmission Filter

Warm up the engine for about five minutes before draining the oil. This will help the oil wash all the metal, dirt and friction particles accumulated throughout the transmission and flush them out. Then you can drain the oil by raising the front of the Hyundai, supporting it on a couple of jack stands and removing the drain plug on one side of the oil pan at the bottom of the transmission.

When taking the oil pan off, first unscrew and remove the side and front mounting bolts using a ratchet, ratchet extension and socket. Then carefully loosen and remove the back mounting bolts as you hold the pan with a shop rag. Tilt the pan on the catch pan to drain the remaining oil. When finished, take the pan out of the vehicle. Now you will see the filter at the bottom of the transmission. Unfasten the four mounting screws using a standard screwdriver and remove the filter.

Install the New Transmission Filter

Install the new filter and secure it with the four mounting bolts but do not over tighten. Thoroughly clean the oil pan and the transmission gasket surface. Use a new gasket for the oil pan. When mounting the oil pan, start the bolts by hand and then tighten them in an evenly and crisscross pattern. Avoid over tightening the bolts here as well, or you will destroy the gasket and end up with a leak.

After lowering the vehicle, refill the transmission with the transmission oil type recommended by the car manufacturer for your particular model. Check the car owner's manual, if necessary. Then start the engine and shift the transmission through all the gears. Finally, set the transmission to "Park," turn off the engine and check under the vehicle for oil leaks.

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