How to Remove an Oil Pan

by Dan Ferrell
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You may want to remove the oil pan to gain access to the bearings without the need to remove the engine, fix a drain plug, service the oil pump or install a new oil pan gasket. However, access to the pan differs form one car model to the next--you may have free access, or you may need to remove a cross member or lift the engine a few inches. Follow this guide to remove the pan on your particular vehicle.

Step 1

Raise the front of the vehicle and support it on two jack stands.

Step 2

Chock the rear wheels and apply the parking brake.

Step 3

Place a catch pan under the oil pan and remove the drain plug from the pan using a wrench or ratchet and socket. Then replace the drain plug after removing the engine oil.

Step 4

Look carefully around the oil pan and decide if any components should be removed. Remember that another option is to disconnect one or two motor mounts and slightly lift the engine using a floor jack to clear the pan for removal.

Step 5

Remove any cross members or motor mount using a wrench or ratchet and socket to gain access to the oil pan, if necessary.

Step 6

Unscrew the oil-pan mounting bolts from around the pan flange. Use a swivel socket, long ratchet extension and ratchet, if necessary.

Step 7

Strike lightly one side of the pan with a rubber mallet to free the pan from the engine. If necessary, pry carefully between the engine and pan using a pry bar.

Step 8

Scratch old gasket material or silicone from the pan and engine block mounting surface. Use a gasket scraper, and be careful to avoid damaging the mounting surface.

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