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How to Change the Transmission Filter in a 1998 Honda Civic

by Robert Good

The transmission filter on the 1998 Honda Civic is located on the inside of the transmission. The number of bolts securing the drain plate to the bottom of the transmission varies and so do the torque specifications for each engine type. It is impotent to change the transmission fluid and clean the transmission magnet when you change the filter on this vehicle. You can replace the filter at your home with basic tool and about 30 minutes.


Raise the right-front side of the Civic using the jack and lower the front right side onto a jack stand. Get under the Civic and position the drain pan under the plate on the bottom of the transmission.


Remove the bolts from around the edge of the transmission plate using the ratchet set. Drain the transmission fluid into the drain pan. Turn the filter counterclockwise to remove the filter and then pull the filter out of the transmission.


Insert the new filter and turn it clockwise until it is sung. Replace the plate to the bottom of the transmission and then replace the bolts to the edge of the plate. Tighten the bolt in an X pattern and to the torque specification for the specific engine on your Civic.


Raise the frame off the jack stand and remove the jack stand from under the Civic. Lower the Civic to the ground.

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