How to Replace an F150 Speed Sensor

by Jeremy Holt
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The vehicle speed sensor (VSS) in a Ford F-150 is located on the rear section of the transmission. When the vehicle is running it produces a pulsing voltage that quickens or slows proportional to the speed of the vehicle. This information is sent to the power-train control module, the vehicle's main computer, where it is used to manage engine functions, such as fuel delivery and transmission shift control. Replacing the VSS in an F-150 is simple and straightforward.

Step 1

Park the vehicle on level ground and turn off the engine. Raise the F150 with a jack, and lower it securely onto jack stands.

Step 2

Locate the VSS mounted to the side of the transmission case.

Step 3

Disconnect the electrical connector by pulling it out of the fitting.

Step 4

Remove the retaining bolt with a socket wrench, and withdraw the VSS from the transmission.

Step 5

Push the new VSS into the transmission, then replace and tighten the retaining bolt. Replace the electrical connector by pushing it into the fitting.

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