How to Replace a Mitsubishi Eclipse Transmission Filter

by Robert Good

The transmission type in the Mitsubishi Eclipse is basically the same from one model to the next. The transmission filter is inside of the transmission. The transmission fluid must be completely drained from the transmission in order to access the transmission fluid filter.

Step 1

Raise the front end of the Eclipse using the jack and rest the front end on jack stands. Get underneath the Eclipse and place the drain pan under the drain plate on the transmission.

Step 2

Remove all the securing bolts from the transmission drain plate. Allow the fluid to drain as you are removing the securing bolts. Pull the drain plate from the transmission.

Step 3

Look inside the transmission and locate the filter. Connect the filter removal tool to the filter. Twist the filter loose and remove.

Step 4

Insert the new filter into place and tighten. Place the drain plate to the transmission. Replace the securing bolts to the drain plate.

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