How to Change the Oil in a Kawasaki KFX 400

by Don Bowman
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The Kawasaki KFX 400 is a high-performance all-terrain vehicle--a racing-oriented four-wheeler. The KFX 400's liquid-cooled four-stroke engine has a counterbalancer and overhead cams--it's a high-tech piece of machinery that requires ATV oil only for lubrication. Regular motor oil has friction modifiers that can play havoc on the clutch. The brand of oil used isn't important; synthetic oil could be used, as long as it is made specifically for ATVs. The KFX 400 uses just over two quarts of oil with a new filter. The 400 requires the oil to be changed every 2,000 miles, but it is better to replace the oil after every second or third hard racing run.

Step 1

Place the drain pan under the KFX 400, then remove the drain plug that is located directly under the engine. Allow the oil to drain for 10 minutes.

Step 2

Reinstall the engine drain plug. Remove the drain plug under the oil tank, using a wrench. Allow the oil to drain for five minutes. Replace the oil tank plug.

Step 3

Remove the plate covering the oil filter, using a wrench. The plate has three bolts that need to be removed. Remove and replace the oil filter. Replace the plate and the three bolts.

Step 4

Fill the engine with 2.3 quarts of oil.

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