How Do I Determine Ford Taurus Transmission Type?

by Cameron Easey
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You can determine the transmission type in a Ford Taurus by locating the transmission identification number or looking up the information in the vehicle's owners manual. In order to locate the transmission identification number you will need to access the underside of the vehicle. This will require you to lift the front end of the vehicle off the ground by placing it on a lift or using a standard car jack and jack stands.

Locate Transmission Identification Number

Step 1

Lift the Taurus off the ground using a car jack: Place the car jack so it is under the frame on the driver's side of the vehicle. Pump the jack to raise the vehicle and place a jack stand under the frame next to the front wheel.

Step 2

Under the vehicle, look on the left front of the transmission, which is mounted just behind the engine, for a label. The label will have the serial and part number.

Step 3

Write these numbers on a piece of paper using a pencil or pen.

Step 4

Take the part number to an auto parts dealer or look up the part online to identify the transmission. Find links to transmission decoding websites in References.

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