How to Change a Transmission Mount in a Buick LeSabre

by Robert Good

The transmission mount on a Buick LeSabre is located on the bottom of the transmission in the center of the cross member. In the center of the cross member and the transmission mount is a metal securing bolt. The metal securing bolt runs through the bottom of the cross member through the transmission mount and into the frame of the transmission. Once the new transmission mount is mounted into place on the cross member the securing bolt must be torqued to the specifications from that model.


Lift the front end of the Buick LeSabre with a jack and support the weight of the front end of the Buick LeSabre on a pair of jack stands.


Place the jack under the transmission and raise the transmission up slightly to remove the weight of the transmission from the mount. Remove the metal securing bolt from the cross member using the ratchet set. Pull the transmission mount from between the cross member and the transmission.


Slide the new transmission mount between the cross member and the transmission. Replace the metal securing bolt and torque the securing bolt to the specifications for that specific Buick LeSabre.

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