How to Remove the Transmission From a Dodge Intrepid

by Robert Good
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Removing the transmission from your Dodge Intrepid is a time-consuming job for you to complete the correct way. The transmission on your Dodge Intrepid is under a lot of stress through out the life of the car. When the transmission goes out on you, you can remove the transmission and take the transmission to the shop or fix the problem yourself. Removing the transmission on your Dodge Intrepid will take you about two hours to complete.

Step 1

Raise the front end of the Dodge Intrepid with the jack enough to support it on jack stands. Disconnect the negative terminal from the battery. Place the drain pan under the transmission. Drain the transmission by removing the bolts that are securing the transmission to the engine bolts with the wrench. Let the transmission drain for five minutes.

Step 2

Remove the driveshaft by taking the four bolts out of the rear yoke with a wrench and pulling the driveshaft from the transmission. Remove the bolts from the starter using a ratchet set and pull the starter away from the Intrepid. Disconnect the transmission shift linkage using a wrench.

Step 3

Remove the two oil cooler lines on the passenger side using a line wrench. Disconnect all electrical plugs. Remove the torque converter bolts using the ratchet set. Remove the bolts in the transmission mount with the ratchet set.

Step 4

Place the floor jack under the transmission and raise the transmission so that it is clear of the crossmember. Remove the two bolts from the crossmember that are securing the crossmember to the frame. Pull the crossmember away from the Intrepid.

Step 5

Lower the transmission to gain access to the side bell-housing bolts. Remove the bolts on this side with the ratchet set. Pull the transmission dipstick tube out of the transmission. the dipstick is held in by one of the bell-housing bolts. Pull the dipstick tube out of the transmission. Pull the transmission away from the Intrepid using the jack.

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