How to Drop a Transmission Out of an S10

by Don Kress
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Removing the transmission from a Chevrolet S10 truck for replacement or repair requires the use of a transmission jack or cradle, which can be obtained from auto parts stores. Whether manual or automatic, removal of the transmission follows largely the same procedure. It involves removal of several parts to obtain clearance, then simply unbolting the transmission from the engine and lowering it to the ground.

Step 1

Disconnect the battery from the truck, then jack up the truck and support it on jack stands. Disconnect the parking brake cable, as well as the exhaust pipe, to allow for clearance to remove the transmission.

Step 2

Remove the gear shift lever of manual transmission trucks by first removing the gear shift knob, then sliding the shifter boot off the shifter. The boot is held in place with retaining screws which can be accessed by pulling up the edge of the interior carpet near the shift boot. Trucks with automatic column-shift transmissions require removal of the shifter cable from the transmission housing underneath the truck. This is accomplished by unbolting it from the transmission housing.

Step 3

Support the transmission with the transmission jack, then unbolt the transmission from the engine of the truck. On the S10, there is a hanger which holds the catalytic converter in place on the transmission. Remove this hanger.

Step 4

Unbolt the transmission supports from the underside of the truck, then slightly raise up on the transmission with the transmission jack. This will provide clearance to remove the transmission support cross member. Unbolt the cross member from the frame and set it aside. Unbolt the drive shaft from the transmission knuckle.

Step 5

Check to be certain that all wiring is disconnected from the transmission, then pull the transmission jack toward the back of the truck to disengage the transmission input shaft from the engine. Lower the transmission slowly to the ground and then pull it out from under the truck.

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