Ford Taurus Transmission Removal

by Nathaniel Miller
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The Ford Taurus is a dependable vehicle with few mechanical problems. However, over time or through extensive rough use, you may need to remove the transmission for an overhaul or replacement. Removing the transmission in this front-wheel-drive car can be a bit daunting, but many home mechanics are still very much up to the task.


Transmission removal in a front-wheel-drive car is a bit more involved than in a rear-wheel-drive car, and will require a certain amount of preparation. Park the Taurus on level ground with plenty of work space and jack the front of the vehicle up on jack stands. Disconnect the battery terminal and make sure the parking brake is set. Loosen and remove the lug nuts on both front wheels.

Tilt the Engine

The easiest way to pull the transmission is to unbolt the entire engine and tilt it so that the transmission can be disconnected and removed from below the engine compartment. Remove both of the wheels and hub assemblies with socket wrenches and then disconnect the exhaust system. Unhook and remove the shrouding and connecting brackets at the base of the engine, and then very carefully use an engine hoist to lift the engine slightly as you disconnect the engine mounting bolts.

Disconnect the Transmission

With the engine tilted, it is now easier to locate the transmission mounting bolts and remove them. Unscrew the mounting bolts from the backside of the transmission and then carefully allow the transmission housing to lower to the ground. Disconnect the flywheel and pressure plate assemblies for replacement as well. Inspect all of the pinion gears and internal bearings of the transmission, or simply replace everything with new parts as a preemptive step.

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