How to Remove an Impala Transmission

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General Motors, under the Chevrolet division, designed the first Impala in 1958 as a full-size vehicle. The Impala was famed for its triple taillights. You can remove the transmission from an Impala and save money by not taking the car to a mechanic. This project can be completed in an hour with the proper tools.

Step 1

Disengage the negative battery terminal with a wrench.

Step 2

Remove the transmission throttle cable from the carburetor by hand. Holding the dip stick, remove the upper bolt but not the tube using the socket wrench set. Place the collection pan under the transmission pan and allow the fluid to drain.

Step 3

Locate and manually remove the shift linkage wired to the neutral safety switch.

Step 4

Unscrew the speedometer cap and remove the speedometer cable.

Step 5

Locate and remove the transmission cooler lines and plug to prevent leaking. In front wheel models, you will need to also remove the starter.

Step 6

Place the engine support stand above the engine. Locate and remove the CV joints and all electrical connections from the transmission. In the torque converter, remove the bolts. Lift the transmission slightly and stabilize the transmission with the floor jack and remove the transmission mounts.

Step 7

Locate and remove the transmission bolts by lowering the transmission and then raise it and remove the cross-member.

Step 8

Bring down the transmission and remove the dipstick tube by lifting it out. If it is stuck, tap on the mounting bracket to loosen. Use the screwdriver to separate the transmission from the engine, and then lower the transmission.

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