How to Use a Jack on a Nissan Pathfinder

by Jim Franklin
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Nissan first introduced the Pathfinder in 1986. It was originally a two-door vehicle, but in 1990 a four-door model was offered. The Pathfinder comes with its own jack for lifting it up. Nissan recommends only using the Pathfinder's jack and tools for lifting the vehicle. Using the jack equipment requires safety measures such as properly parking the vehicle and using parking blocks. The Pathfinder's jack must also be placed at the right position on the vehicle.

Step 1

Park the Pathfinder on a level surface and engage the parking brake.

Step 2

Turn off the ignition and place tire blocks behind the front and rear wheel opposite the side you intend to place the jack. This will prevent the Pathfinder from moving.

Step 3

Remove the jack and jack tools from the storage area in the rear of the Pathfinder's interior.

Step 4

Place the jack under the Pathfinder's jack-up point. Jack-up points can be found by looking for stamped areas on the side of the vehicle's frame.

Step 5

Make sure the jack is on level and firm ground.

Step 6

Insert the jack rod into the end of the jack.

Step 7

Insert the jack handle onto the jack rod.

Step 8

Lift the Pathfinder by firmly holding the jack rod and turning the jack handle clockwise.

Step 9

Lower the jack by turning the jack handle counterclockwise. Fully lower the jack. Make sure all four tires are resting on the ground.

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