How to Find and Access a Spare Tire in a PT Cruiser

by Richard Ristow

Unlike some other cars, a Chrysler PT Cruiser does not have a spare tire located beneath the rear storage compartment's carpet. The spare tire is secured to the PT Cruiser's rear undercarriage in a metal frame. Once a driver knows where to look and how to lower the spare, the process takes only a few minutes to complete. To put the spare back, the stowing procedure is the reverse of the following steps.

Step 1

Engage the PT Cruiser's parking brake and open the rear hatch.

Step 2

Locate and remove the jack from the PT Cruiser's right wall panel in the rear cargo area. The jack is in its own compartment, usually stowed in a draw-string bag. Remove the compartment cover to access the jack.

Step 3

Separate the lug nut wrench from the car jack.

Step 4

Open the small plastic panel cover located on the rear scuff plate, to the right of the rear hatch door's latching point. Underneath this cover, you will find the drive nut securing the PT's Cruiser's spare tire to the undercarriage.

Step 5

Fit the lug nut wrench onto the spare tire securing bolt. Turn the wrench in a continuous counterclockwise motion to lower the spare tire.

Step 6

Lower the spare tire's metal stowage basket until it is low enough to remove the swivel hook. Then you can easily pull the spare out.

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