How to Refill a Floor Jack

by Kyle McBride

Proper operation of your floor jack depends on good maintenance. Replace the hydraulic oil in your floor jack every three years and check the operation of the floor jack each time before using it. If the jack does not lift to its full extent or slowly lowers itself and does not hold position, there might be a problem with the hydraulic system. Check the hydraulic fluid level and oil condition if the jack does not operate properly. If necessary, replace the hydraulic oil.

Step 1

Locate the drain plug. It may be called the oil filler plug on your model jack. The plug will be under the tool tray or on the side of the housing, depending on the make and model of your floor jack.

Step 2

Wipe dirt and grease away from the drain plug with the shop rag.

Step 3

Remove the drain plug with an appropriately size wrench.

Step 4

Position the drain pan, then tip the jack or turn the jack over so that the oil drains out of the hole. Allow the jack to drain thoroughly. Right the jack and move the drain pan aside.

Step 5

Fill the oil reservoir with hydraulic oil through the drain hole. Do not allow dirt particles or foreign material to fall into the oil reservoir.

Step 6

Open the release valve and pump the jack handle several times to bleed air out of the system and pump oil into the oil passages. Close the release valve.

Step 7

Reinstall the drain plug. Wipe up any oil spilled or dripped on the jack in the process.

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