How to Assemble a Car Jack

by Amy Moore

There are a two main types of jacks for your car. The type that comes with your car is called a scissor jack. It's easy to store, but takes a little patience when you are jacking up you car. It is made to be stable on almost any surface. The other main type is called a hydraulic jack. This jack uses hydraulic fluid to move the jack upward under the weight of your car. It is most stable on a flat surface, making it good for use at your home or garage. Both jacks are easy to assemble and to use.

Scissor Jack Assembly

Step 1

Place the jack on the ground underneath the frame of the car.

Step 2

Slide the arm into the hole at the end of the scissor jack.

Step 3

Rotate the arm to the right to raise the scissor jack.

Rotate the arm to the left to lower the scissor jack.

Hydraulic Jack

Step 1

Place the hydraulic jack on a flat surface under the car.

Step 2

Insert the hydraulic jack arm into the connecting end of the hydraulic jack.

Step 3

Pump the arm of the jack up and down to raise the hydraulic jack.

Turn the switch on the back of the hydraulic jack to release the pressure and lower the hydraulic jack.

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