How to Remove Altima Brake Light Switch

by Alibaster Smith

The brake light switch on the Nissan Altima is responsible for activating the brake lights. Without a functioning switch, the rear brake lights will not light up. For automatic Altimas, the shifter lock will not disengage with a faulty switch, and you will not be able to put the vehicle into gear. This is a major safety problem and is illegal in every state. When this switch fails, you need to replace it.

Step 1

Remove the dash panel underneath the steering wheel by pulling it straight down.

Step 2

Locate the brake light switch. The switch is at the top of the brake pedal. Disconnect the wiring harness from the switch by pulling the electrical leads off the switch.

Step 3

Pull the cotter pin out of the brake light switch retaining pin and remove the pin.

Step 4

Slide the brake light switch forward and down to remove the switch.

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