How to Repair a Larin Jack

by Alan Temple
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A faulty jack could mean the difference between being able to fix an automotive problem or being stranded with a faulty machine. The Larin Corporation claims that their jacks "meet the needs of both professional mechanics and do-it-yourselfers," meaning you should expect a high standard of reliability and performance. If the product does not meet these standards, though, you can fix it yourself with a little knowledge of potential issues such as oil leaks and debris in the mechanisms.

General Fixes

Step 1

Thoroughly clean the mechanisms of your Larin jack, as debris can impede the operation of the unit. It will also make it easier to identify oil leaks, the most common fault with a Larin jack. Use a wet cloth to clean the cylinder, the ram and the general exposed surfaces.

Step 2

Visually inspect the Larin floor jack for fluid leaks or damaged, loose or missing parts. You should also check for cracked welds. These problems can make the jack dangerous to use and the damaged parts should be replaced by a registered dealer or other expert.

Step 3

Release the pressure in your jack if there is no evidence of an oil leak but the unit is still malfunctioning. To do this you must turn the valve all the way clockwise to fix the problem and release the pressure.

Oil Leak

Step 1

Place an oil drain pan underneath the jack, open the fluid fill and turn the jack upside down. This will drain the hydraulic fluid out of the jack.

Step 2

Identify the part of the jack that is leaking fluid and use an adjustable wrench to remove the relevant retaining bolt. Pull the hydraulic ram out of the jack and find the O-ring inside the cylinder. It is usually located just behind or ahead of the threads into which the retaining bolt was mounted. Once you have spotted it, pull the O-ring out of the cylinder using a pair of pliers.

Step 3

Buy a new O-ring, using the old one to act as a reference point to ensure you purchase the correct kind. Rub the new O-ring with hydraulic fluid and place it in the cylinder from which you took the old O-ring.

Step 4

Replace the hydraulic ram and refit the retaining bolt. Once you have done, this refill the jack with hydraulic fluid, safe in the knowledge that the cause of the leak has been remedied.

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