How to Repair an 8 Ton Long Ram Jack

by Alan Temple
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The last thing you need as a mechanic, or as a keen DIY-er, is a faulty jack -- indeed it is a vital part of the automobile repair and servicing process. However, with hydraulic jacks such as the 8 Ton Long Ram Jack you have to be conscious that things can go wrong, and errors can occur. So, whether you are having issues with your hydraulic oil or damaged components, it is possible to remedy the afflictions.

Step 1

Wipe the areas around vents and valves with a damp, clean cloth. The key parts are vital for the air flow and cooling of the unit, and any obstructions could cause the jack the overheat and cease operation. Avoid using a harsh chemical; water will suffice.

Step 2

Inspect the jack for any broken or damaged parts that will impede the proper operation of the jack. Call the service number in the User Manual of your particular mode to replace these parts.

Step 3

Ensure there is sufficient hydraulic oil in the system to fix an under-powered jack. Turn the release valve counterclockwise until the jack is completely lowered and then remove the oil plug from the oil chamber. Fill the oil chamber with high quality hydraulic oil and replace the cap.

Step 4

Remove the oil chamber's plug and pump the handle to raise the jack to its highest position. Open the release valve and release the handle to lower the jack again. Repeat this pumping process a number of times to force the hydraulic oil through the system. Top off the oil chamber with hydraulic oil and tighten the oil plug. This will bleed the air from the hydraulic oil chamber if the unit -- a vital step if the jack begins to lose power an efficiency; it could be due to air trapped in the system, which must be bled out.

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