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How Do I Put the Spare Wheel Back on a XC90?

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

If you've had a flat tire on your Volvo X90, you may need to remove and use the Volvo's spare tire. After replacing the spare tire with a permanent one, you'll need to put the spare tire back on the Volvo in its storage location. By doing this, you'll have access to the spare tire in case you need it again. Putting the spare tire back on is similar to removing it, except the steps are reversed.


Open the jack compartment in your Volvo to access the two jack rods. You'll need these to lower the spare tire retainer. On five-seat models, the jack compartment is located on the passenger side of the rear cargo area. On seven-seat models, it's located in the center part of the rear cargo area. Open the cover to find the jack rods.


Connect the jack rods together. Then insert this tool into the spare tire release mechanism in the center part of the rear cargo floor. Turn the tool counterclockwise to lower the spare tire retainer. Continue turning until the tool will not turn and the retainer is fully lowered.


Reach underneath the rear bumper to grab the retainer. Pull it out slightly to have more working room. Insert the center part of the retainer into the hole in the center of the spare tire. Turn it vertically to insert it and allow it to rest horizontally once it's through the hole.


Push the spare tire underneath the rear bumper. Reinsert the jack tool into the release mechanism. Turn the tool clockwise to raise the spare tire. Continue turning until the tool will no longer move. At this point, the spare tire is in its permanent storage position. Pull apart the two pieces of the jack tool and reinsert them into the compartment. Close the lid.


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