How to Remove the Spare Tire on a Ford Ranger

by John Stevens J.D.
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Tires are subject to extreme conditions, so they must be in good condition to keep you safe on the road. Tires must be replaced after their tread wears down. Even a new tire can be damaged by road debris, potentially causing it a leak or a blowout. You should change any tire whose tread is worn or that has sustained damage as quickly as possible. Fortunately, accessing and removing the spare tire on a Ford Ranger is fairly simple, despite the fact that the tire is located underneath the bed.

Step 1

Put together the Ranger's two jack handle pieces. Slide one piece onto the end of the second piece until the two pieces snap into place.

Step 2

Slide the slotted end of the handle through the square opening on the side of the truck's wheel nut wrench until the handle snaps into place.

Step 3

Remove the lock that covers the spare tire access hole, using the lock's key, if so equipped. (As an option, Rangers are available with a lock to prevent the spare tire from being stolen. The lock is located between the rear bumper and the tailgate.)

Step 4

Slide the square end of the jack handle through the access slot. The access slot is located between the rear bumper and the tailgate.

Step 5

Rotate the handle until it engages with the spare tire's lift cable.

Step 6

Rotate the jack handle with the wheel nut wrench counterclockwise to lower the spare tire to the ground.

Step 7

Rotate the tire retainer in the center of the spare tire in a counterclockwise direction until the retainer separates from the tire, then pull the tire from under the truck.

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