How to Get Keys out of a Locked PT Cruiser

by Alibaster Smith

It happens to the best of us. You close the doors on your PT Cruiser just in time to notice the keys sitting in the front seat. If you have AAA or other roadside assistance coverage, you can call for help and someone will come to unlock the door for you. If not, use a slim jim--a long, flat rod with a hook on one end used to unlock vehicle doors.

Step 1

Slide the slim jim between the weatherstripping and the window glass on the passenger's side door. Make sure the hook end is facing down and sliding behind the weatherstripping.

Step 2

Maneuver the tool toward the PT Cruiser's door handle. The PT Cruiser employs a lock rod mechanism to actuate the door lock. Locate this lock rod with the hook on the slim jim and hook it. To locate the lock rod, move the hook end of the slim jim toward the door handle and feel for the rod behind the door. It will be located near the door handle. You will know that you've hooked the lock rod if you are able to wiggle it lock lock rod with the slim jim and you feel movement or vibration in the door handle on the outside of the door.

Step 3

Pull up on the slim jim once you have secured the lock rod until you hear the lock turn over. The door will be unlocked. This process may take you a few tries. Unlocking the door using a slim jim on the PT Cruiser takes practice because the lock rod cannot be seen inside the door during the process.

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