How to Replace a Chevy S10 Door Latch

by Chris Moore

Since the Chevy S10 is a discontinued model of truck, getting replacement parts like a door latch could be tricky. Be sure to find a reputable parts store that carries parts for these tucks; don't assume that parts for the S10's successor, the Colorado, will work with your truck. You will need to get inside the door replace the latch.

Roll the door's window all the way up and disconnect the negative battery cable if the truck has power doors and/or windows.

Pry out the lock and/or window controls from the door's inner trim panel. For power controls, pry up the trim bezels with a trim stick and disconnect the electrical connectors. For a hand window crank, insert a hooked tool into the hole behind the crank to disconnect the clip or rub the edge of a towel behind the handle until the clip dislodges.

Remove the door's inner trim panel by removing all screws--some of them are behind the door handle and within the pull handle--and lifting the panel off the door.

Disconnect any electrical connectors behind the panel and carefully peel back the door's watershield.

Reach inside the door and disconnect the locking knob rod, inside handle rod and inside handle lock rod from the latch assembly.

Remove the latch assembly by removing the three screws holding it in place on the edge of the door-- these should require a Torx wrench--and pulling the assembly out of the door.

Insert the replacement latch assembly into the door and secure it with the screws, then connect all the rods on the inside of the door to the assembly.

Re-connect the door's trim panel and all other components, such as the switches and battery cable, in reverse order of installation.

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