How to Get Your Keys out of a Locked Jeep TJ

by Krista Martin
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Locking your keys in your Jeep TJ is not a good start to the day, but don't fret. There are inexpensive ways to recover the day. Luckily, most Jeep TJs have a soft top, which allows you to easily get the keys from inside without having to call a locksmith. If you've got a hard top, it's a little trickier, but a Slim Jim will do the job.

Step 1

Unzip the side window if the Jeep has a soft top.

Step 2

Use a Slim Jim to open your car door window if you have a hard top. You can do this by taking a wedge and placing it between window and the rubber seal of the Jeep. This will form a gap large enough for the Slim Jim to fit in.

Step 3

Insert the Slim Jim in the gap and locate a thin rod connecting the door handle and locking mechanism.

Step 4

Hook the end of the rod with your hand and pull or push up to rotate and unlock the door.

Remove the Slim Jim and the wedge and open the door.

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