Honda Rancher 350-ES Spark Plug Types

by Susan Revermann
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The Rancher is an All Terrain Vehicle produced by Honda. Production for Ranchers started in 2000 and continues to this day. Regular maintenance is part of owning any vehicle, including an ATV. To do your regular maintenance, you must know the right parts to use, including the spark plug.

Spark Plug Number

The spark plug most often used for the Honda Rancher 350 ES are produced by NGK. The product number for this spark plug is DPR7EA9. You will only need one spark plug for this ATV.


This type of spark plug has a copper core to allow for large heat variances. The tip of the spark plug is a nickel alloy which allows for a extended life span. The body of the spark plug is a high alumina ceramic. This kind of shell allows for good insulation and heat dissipation.


The spark plug gap for this kind of ATV is .035. If you want to check the gap on your spark plugs, use a gap tool.


When you are installing a spark plug in your Rancher, make sure to use caution. Over-tightening a spark plug can seriously damage your spark plug or engine. Do not use more than 6 foot-pounds of torque when tightening the plug into place. Tighten until snug, that is it.

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