4AFE Engine Plug Gap Specifications

by Doug Bennett

The 4A-FE engine was used in Toyota Corollas in model years 1988 through 1997. The spark plug gap specifications are simple to determine because the gap size was the same for every model year.

4A-FE Gap Specifications

Toyota recommends a gap of 0.031 inches for spark plugs used with the 4A-FE engine. You can check and set this gap using an inexpensive gap-gauge tool. The 4A-FE is a four-cylinder engine, and you should replace all four plugs at the same time.

Setting the Gap

Most spark plugs are available pregapped for specific engines. However, you should always check the gap against the manufacturer's recommendations -- in this case, 0.031 inches for a 4A-FE engine. If the spark plugs you purchase are not pregapped, you must set the gap with a gap gauge tool, available from any auto parts store.

Importance of a Proper Gap

If your 4A-FE spark plugs have too narrow of a gap, they may not produce a spark powerful enough to ignite the fuel in your Corolla engine. If they are set too wide, they may not fire at all or could miss at high speeds.

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