Clark C500-30 Forklift Specifications

by Quentin Shires
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Clark Equipment Company, a leading manufacturer of forklifts and other machinery tools and parts, was founded in 1917. The first forklift the company manufactured was the Tructractor that enabled employees to easily haul large cargoes. Today, Clark has continued improving on innovations and has introduced many other forklifts, including 1984's C50030.


The C50030 is equipped with solid tires that allow for greater wear and tear and its resistance to punctures. This forklift’s solid tires are made from materials that include solid rubber and molded plastic compounds. The C50030’s solid tires allow the forklift to carry heavier weight loads without the operators worrying about blowouts or punctures. These tires allow the forklift to move slowly and with higher precision than that of the counterpart pneumatic tires.

Load Capacity

The C50030 has a load capacity of 3,000 pounds. When loading the reinforced steel forks it is essential for operators to ensure that their load is less than or equal to the capacity. The C50030 performs best when the center of the load and the edges is at its smallest. Large distances between these two points could endanger the operator because the forklift can tip over or drop its load.


The C50030’s mast consists of metal plates that lift, lower and tilt materials. When the load is being transported the mast’s interlocking rails provide support for the cargo so that it remains upright on the forklift. This forklift’s mast size is 188 SS, which indicates that the forklift can raise 188 inches off the floor.

Transmission and Engine Specifications

The Clark C50030 has an automatic transmission and power steering. The 4-cylinders engine is manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors. The forklift cannot travel at fast speeds as it is designed to travel between 5 and 18 miles-per-hour. Because the C50030 does not have a speedometer, it is important to follow your company’s rules and regulations regarding the vehicle’s speed.

Fuel and other Specifications

The C50030 is powered by liquefied petroleum gasoline and is stored in tanks behind the driver’s cabin. Situated at the rear of the cabin is a flashing orange light that allows workers to be aware when the forklift is in operation. Another safety feature on the C50030 is a reverse signal. When placed in reverse the forklift will signal other employees with an alarm that indicates backward motion.

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