Bobcat 310 Specs

by Benjamin Aries

The Bobcat Company manufactures and sells industrial hydraulic equipment such as loaders and excavators. The Bobcat Model 310, or M310, is classified as a skid steer loader. This means that the unit uses counter-rotating wheels to "skid" left or right, similar to a military tank. The 310 uses front hydraulic arms which can be connected to several different attachments. Buckets, augers and scoops can be connected to these arms, allowing the 310 to complete a variety of tough jobs.


The Bobcat 310 skid steer loader uses a gasoline engine with 15.4 horsepower. The engine is air-cooled only, meaning that there is no auxiliary liquid cooling system.


The rated operating capacity of the Bobcat 310 is 500 pounds. This rating is set by the Society of Automotive Engineers as the maximum safe load for the skid steer. The 310 has a true tipping load capacity of 1,340 pounds. This means that the unit can handle nearly twice its rated capacity without tipping.


The Bobcat 310 uses front hydraulics to raise and lower its arms. The hydraulic fluid pump capacity is 3.8 gallons per minute. The skid steer also has an auxiliary hydraulics option. If installed, this increases the hydraulic capacity to 7.3 GPM when needed for heavy lifting.


The Bobcat 310 has a length of 95.6 inches, or 7.9 feet. It has a width of 35.1 inches, or 2.9 feet. The height of the skid steer is 72.3 inches, or 6.025 feet. The wheelbase of the Bobcat is 28 inches, or 2.33 feet.

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