Bobcat 863 Specs

by Julia SalgadoUpdated June 22, 2023
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The compact size and maneuverability of the Bobcat 863 have made it a fixture on construction yards and building sites all over the nation. The Bobcat 863 is a skid steer loader, which is a miniature version of a digger or loader, driven by a self-contained engine and built within a small rigid frame. Skid steer loaders are advantageous on projects were operations are required in confined spaces, thanks to their high lifting capacities for their sizes and zero inch turning radius.

Performance Specs

The Bobcat 863's hydrostatic four-wheel drive allows it to reach a top speed of 12.5 mph in its two-speed version, while the single speed option is limited to 7.2 mph. Hydrostatic drive means each wheel is driven by a hydraulic motor; this is frequently used in off-road vehicles. The 863 has a rated operating capacity of 1,900 lbs., but this is increased to 2,000 lbs. with the optional counterweight. The rated operating capacity -- or ROC -- is the recommended maximum weight the vehicle should lift. Exceeding this weight can cause damage to the vehicle or personal injury. A load of 3,800 lbs. or higher will cause the vehicle to tip.


The Bobcat 863 is 135.4 inches long and 74 inches wide, with the bucket included. The vehicle is 82.3 inches high and 121 inches high to the bucket pin. The bucket pin is where the bucket pivots at the end of the lifting arm. The 863 has an operating weight of 7,045 pounds.

Engine Specs

A four-cylinder Deutz BF4M1011F engine powers the Bobcat, producing 73 hp. Turbo-chargers compress the air in the air/fuel mixture before it's induced, increasing the power output of the engine. The 863’s engine runs on diesel fuel and operates an oil cooling system. The displacement of the engine is 178 cubic inches, which is the combined fuel capacity of the four cylinders. The fuel tank of the Bobcat 863 can hold 25 gallons of diesel.


You control the movement of the 863 via two hand levers which allow you to move forward, backward and steer the vehicle. You control variations in speed by how far each lever is pushed in a given direction. You control the bucket and lifting arm via two foot-pedals on the standard model. Hand controls for the lifting arm and bucket are an optional extra.

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