Bobcat 731 Specs

by Cathel Hutchison
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The Bobcat 731 is high specification skid-steer loader from the American manufacturer Bobcat. The 731 is suitable for both agricultural, industrial and construction work. Released in 1978, the Bobcat 731 is no longer in production and has been superseded by the S850 in the upper end of Bobcat's skid-steer loader range.

General Engine and Performance

The Bobcat 731 has a turbo charged two-cylinder Deutz engine, which employs an air cooling system to lower the temperature when the engine reaches near critical heating. The Bobcat 731's turbo charged engine is able to generated a power output of 32 bhp.

Skid Loader Specs

The Bobcat 731 has a rated operating capacity (SAE) of 1,300 lbs. It has a tipping capacity of 2,704 lbs. and a maximum operating weight of 4,500 lbs. It has a pump capacity of 11 gallons per minute and an auxiliary high flow of 11 gpm.

Dimensions and Weight

The Bobcat 731 has a length of 120.4 inches, a width of 55.1 inches, a height of 75.6 inches, a height to bucket hinge pin of 109 inches and its loader has a reach at a maximum height of 21.8 inches. In addition, the 731 has a wheelbase of 35.4 inches.

Fuel and Other Features

The Bobcat 731 uses diesel fuel to power its turbocharged engine. It utilizes standard auxiliary hydraulics and a standard Bob-Tach Attachment System.

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