How to Replace the Blower Motor in an Alero

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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The Alero was a mid-sized car build by General Motors and sold under the now discontinued Oldsmobile brand. The Alero was built in the same factory as the Pontiac Grand Am and shared all of its mechanical components with the Grand Am. The Alero was produced between 1999 and 2004. The blower motor in the Alero provides power to your air conditioning and heating system. Since the Alero was never redesigned, replacing the blower motor will be the same between year models.

Step 1

Make sure you are parked in a well-lit area. The Alero's blower motor is located underneath the passenger side of the dash, so you may need to use a flashlight to locate it. Disconnect the negative battery cable before beginning the procedure.

Step 2

Remove the glove box door by opening it and squeezing the side tabs to unhook it from the dash. Lower the closeout panel mounted between the glove box and the dash. Slide the panel to the right to remove it. The closeout panel blocks the glove box from the inside part of the dash; it must be removed to access the blower motor.

Step 3

Disconnect the electrical connection from the BCM (Body Control Module). Remove the two screws mounting the module to its bracket, then slide the module from the bracket to access the blower motor.

Step 4

Disconnect the blower motor electrical connection. Remove the blower motor retaining screws to unhook the blower motor, then slide the motor through the glove box opening.

Step 5

Mount the new blower motor in the same location as the old one. Replace the mounting screws and attach the electrical connection. Replace the BCM, its connector and its mounting screws.

Step 6

Slide the closeout panel back into its clips and close the panel. Reattach the glove box door and reconnect the negative battery cable.

Step 7

Check the air-conditioning fan controls to make sure your new blower motor is operating correctly.

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