How to Remove the Door Panels on a Dodge RAM

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Most automotive door panels are held in place with tiny plastic clips. These clips can be difficult to remove; they also break easily. Fortunately, the Dodge Ram's door panel is not attached by clips; it's attached by screws, which are easier to work with as long as you have the right tools. The procedure to remove the front-door panels is the same as the rear-door panels, except the rear-door panels have fewer screws.

Step 1

Open the door to access the bottom edge of the door panel. Inspect the area to find two screws.

Step 2

Remove the two screws along the bottom edge of the door panel with a Phillips-head screwdriver (front-door panels only)

Step 3

Remove the Phillips-head screw on the top part of the door panel (front-door panels only). This screw is directly across from the exterior side-view mirror.

Step 4

Pull the interior door handle to the open position. Remove the Phillips-head screw hidden behind it. Inspect the area closely to find the Torx screw mounting the door handle to the door. Remove it with a T30 Torx screwdriver. Pull the interior-door handle off.

Step 5

Position your hands on either side of the door panel. Push the panel up, and then pull it away from the door carefully. Behind the panel, you'll find the electrical connections for the window and lock switches. Squeeze the tab in the center of each connection to unplug them.

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