How to Remove Door Panels from a Trailblazer

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The Chevrolet Trailblazer was introduced in 2002 but discontinued after the 2009 model year. Since the Trailblazer never received a redesign, the process for removing the door panels will be the same for all models. Removing your door panels will allow you to fix internal lock and window components, as well as replace the factory speakers.

Step 1

Use the pliers to unhook the negative (-) battery cable before beginning to remove the door panels. You will be removing electrical components; unhooking the battery cable will keep you safe.

Step 2

Pry up the power window control panel. Once the panel is removed, disconnect the electrical harness from beneath it and set the panel to the side.

Step 3

Use the screwdrvier to remove the screw in the hole left by the power window control panel.

Step 4

Look closely underneath the interior door handle to find the access screw. Remove the screw.

Step 5

Pry off the top portion of the window sail panel (across from the outside mirror). You cannot remove the sail panel; the bottom of it is attached to the door panel.

Step 6

Insert the door panel clip tool between the panel and the door around the perimeter of the panel. There are nine clips attaching the panel to the door; use the panel clip tool to disengage them.

Step 7

Lift up the door panel and then pull it away from the door. Disconnect the power mirror control harness to completely remove it from the door. Repeat the procedure for the other door panels.

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