How to Repair a Mercedes Benz Power Window

by Terry Walcott
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You are driving along with the windows down enjoying the fresh air. It starts to rain and you attempt to close the power windows on the vehicle. Three windows close completely but one gets stuck about halfway up. You pull over, retrieve a piece of plastic from the trunk, and use it to cover the open area and prevent rain water from entering the vehicle. What's next? The source of the problem is a malfunctioning regulator. Here is how you can fix or replace it.

Step 1

Open the car door and detach and remove the door panel. This will require removal of three screws. The first screw is next to the door jamb and secures a small section of plastic trim that overlaps the door panel. The second screw is behind the inside door handle lever housing. Use a flat screwdriver to dislodge the plastic housing surrounding the door handle lever before so that you can access this screw. The third screw is located behind a small round access panel in the area of the door armrest. Use a small flathead screwdriver to dislodge this access panel and you will see the screw. Pull the door panel away after removing the three screws, and detach the plug to the power window so you can remove the panel completely.

Step 2

Remove bolt that secures the regulator to the window channel and detach the window glass from the regulator. Slide the glass to the closed position and secure it in place with duct tape by wrapping a few pieces of tape around the top of the door frame so that it attaches to both sides of the window.

Step 3

Drill out your four rivets that hold the regulator to the door frame. Remove the old regulator and replace it with a new one by retracing the steps followed above. Remove duct tape from window glass, reconnect glass to the regulator's window channel, and reconnect the power window plug. Once the power window is working properly, you should replace the door panel.

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