Replacing Mazda Window Regulators

by Don Bowman

Replacing Mazda window regulators is a straightforward job. While the process for removing the door panel may be slightly different on different years, once the door panel is removed, the rest of the process is the same. Remove the Phillips screws in the armrest and the screw in the front of the door handle, then remove the plastic cover. Insert the common screwdriver in between the door panel and the door frame and pop the male snaps that hold the door panel on. There are usually three per side on all three sides. Pull the panel away about 6 inches and release the plastic clips that hold the two rods onto the door handle. One rod is the door lock, the other the door latch mechanism. Remove the rods by lifting them out of their receptacle. Remove the electrical connector from the small light on the bottom rear of the door. Remove the electrical connector from the power window switch.

Remove the electrical connector to the window motor. Carefully wedge the common screwdriver down between the window and the door frame to keep the window from falling when it is released from the regulator. Remove the 10mm bolts that hold the window to the horizontal regulator channel. This is the channel the window is supported on, directly under the window. Remove the bolts that hold the window motor in the door frame. Remove the top and bottom nuts that hold the window regulator into the frame. Remove the window regulator out of the door frame through the access hole.

Install the new window regulator and stand it up correctly (notice how the old one was oriented) and insert the studs on the regulator into the holes in the door frame and install and tighten the nuts. Install the bolts in the window motor and plug in the electrical connector. Hold the door panel close to the door and hook up the connector to the window switch. Turn on the ignition key and raise the window regulator to the middle of the door, where it will be easy to install the bolts into the window. Remove the connector to the switch and put the panel aside. Remove the screwdriver wedging the window, and lower the window enough to align the holes with the holes in the horizontal regulator channel. Insert the bolts into the window channel. Hold the door panel up close to the door frame and insert the two rods into the door handle and snap the plastic retainer clips into place. Connect the electrical connectors for the window switch and the lower light. Hook the top sill plate of the door panel on the top of the door frame and push the male snaps into their holes. Install the screws into the armrest and at the door handle.

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