How to Troubleshoot Dodge RAM 1500 SLT Power Windows

by Don Bowman

When troubleshooting a Dodge Ram 1500 SLT power window, the first thing to determine is weather it is an electrical or mechanical problem. An electrical problem could be anywhere from the fuse to the automatic control box in the armrest. A mechanical problem could be either a motor or a regulator. To isolate the problem, check to see if all of the other windows work properly. If so, then the problem lies with the individual window and if not then there is an electrical problem effecting all the windows.

Step 1

Check the fuse if none of the windows work. Turn the ignition key on and try the window by pushing the switch. Listen for the window motor to operate. If it does not operate, the problem is either in the motor or in the automatic up and down control. If the motor did work, the problem is with the regulator and should be replaced.

Step 2

Remove the main window switch using a common screwdriver to pry the switch forward and up to remove. Turn the ignition on and probe the terminals on the back of the switch for power with the voltmeter as the switch is moved into the up and down position. If there is no power in either of these positions the switch is bad. If there is power the motor is very likely bad. This will be confirmed when the door panel is off.

Step 3

Remove the door panel. Test the motor by removing the connector at the switch and temporarily installing the switch. Operate the switch in both directions and simultaneously probe the connector for power. If there is power the motor is bad. If not, the wiring from the switch is bad.

Step 4

Remove the regulator and motor if the motor had worked previously but the window regulator did not work. Remove the bolts holding the bottom of the window to the regulator on a horizontal channel. Remove the nuts holding the two upright channels in the door on the top and bottom. Remove the bolts holding the motor to the door.

Step 5

Remove the entire regulator out of the hole in the door. Install the new regulator and motor combination through the access hole in the door. Mount the two uprights by inserting their studs through the holes in the door and installing the nuts. Install the bolts in the window motor.

Step 6

Install the bolts in the bottom of the window to window channel. To make this easier, plug in the window motor and temporarily connecting the window switch and lifting the horizontal ledge or channel into the middle of the access hole in the door. Install the door panel in reverse order of removal.

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