How to Troubleshoot Electric Windows in a Kia

by Dan Swords
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Motors mounted in each door panel operate the four power windows in a Kia automobile. The driver's side armrest also contains separate switches for the passenger windows, plus a child lockout switch that disables the electronic control of the passenger windows. Circuit protection for a Kia's electrical windows consists of a left power window 30-amp fuse, a right power window 30-amp fuse and circuit breakers in each window motor. Knowing these components is useful when troubleshooting the electric windows in a Kia.

Step 1

Before troubleshooting the electric windows, verify that the lockout switch in the driver's armrest is not activated.

Step 2

Check the power window fuses. Consult your Kia owner's manual for the location of the fuse box. Verify that the power window fuses are not blown and are in good condition. Replace if necessary.

Step 3

Test the circuits to isolate the problem, if the fuses are okay. Determine which windows are working properly and which windows are not. If a window works from one switch, such as the switch in the driver's armrest, but not the other, there is a problem in the door switch. Repair as required.

Step 4

Remove the door panel under the malfunctioning window, if the window does not work with either switch. You need to access the motor. With a voltmeter, measure the voltage at the motor while operating the window switch. The voltage should be approximately 12 volts across the motor.

Step 5

If voltage in the window motor is correct, reset the motor circuit breaker and look for an obstruction in the window tracks. Verify that the window can move freely through the track.

Step 6

If the voltage of the window motor is not correct, check the wiring in the door. The wires should be free from corrosion, damage, abrasion or incorrect attachment. Repair or replace as required.

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