How to Troubleshoot the Ford Taurus Power Window

by Alibaster Smith
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The power windows in your Ford Taurus make it easier and more convenient to lower or raise your car windows. When your power windows are not functioning properly, then you may end up needing a new power window regulator. However, before buying a new regulator, you should troubleshoot the problem.

Step 1

Take the fuse panel cover off the fuse panel by pulling down on the cover.

Step 2

Pull the fuse for the Ford Taurus's power windows using the fuse puller in the fuse panel. Use the fuse diagram if you are having trouble locating the fuse for the windows.

Step 3

Check the metal strip in the fuse. If it is burned or damaged, replace it with a new fuse of the same amperage.

Step 4

Check to make sure the window lock, located near the power window switch, is not on. If it is, then you will not be able to operate the windows.

Step 5

Check the operation of the windows. If the windows move, but the motor is straining or the windows move slower than normal, your motor is likely dying and needs to be replaced.

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